Jono and Stenly, new faces in our Selamatkan Yaki team!

This week we would like to share with you the introduction blogs by two of our dedicated volunteers. Jono Massie, who is part of our Selamatkan Yaki translation team and Stenly Alelo, from our social media team! Like our Facebook page like Jono and Stenly did, to keep up-to-date with our latest news & activities! 

Hello followers,

In this wonderful time I would like to introduce myself to you all. My name is Jono and I come from Indonesia, a great and wonderful country. Today I live in Manado City, my hometown and the capital of North Sulawesi (the former Celebes), one of the Indonesian provinces. I graduated at the faculty of education at one of the private Universities in Manado, Klabat University, in 2006. In my spare time I like to do my outdoors hobbies such as camping, tracking, and climbing and sometimes I play futsal with my close friends. Currently, I work as teacher at NEGERI 2 KAUDITAN Junior High School North Minahasa. Jono with his beloved son RomeoWell, this time I want to share with you the story why I am involved in the Selamatkan Yaki programme. Actually, I knew Selamatkan Yaki from Facebook, at that time I really loved to find out more about this international programme concerned with nature conservation and wildlife, and I sent my friend request which was happily accepted.  From that time on, I always followed Selamatkan Yaki’s activities through their facebook‘s wall. One day, in one of their wall posts, I read that they urgently needed an Indonesian translator volunteer for their blog and I sent my application via e-mail to them. Couple of weeks later I was called for an interview by the Selamatkan Yaki team and I got accepted working as a part-time volunteer. 

Honestly, I have to say that I was very happy to be part of this wonderful group. The reason why wanted to be involved  in this programme is  because I found that the Selamatkan Yaki programme and I share the same vision and mission about the importance of preserving the Indonesian  nature and endangered animals from all kinds of threats.  My love towards nature and wildlife conservation actually started when I was in high school and it developed during my time at University.  At the time I was really interested with all nature conservation and animals’ welfare issues.  I was involved in reforestation programs held by the local government and I really enjoyed those activities.

In 2001, when I was still in university, my friends and I established a local nature organization namely “North Celebes forest watch” concerned with forest protecting. Shoulder to shoulder we did forest protecting programs and forest protecting campaigns, mostly in the public area and we worked with nature lovers clubs. We enjoyed all these activities very much! Unfortunately, in 2005 after our graduation, this mission stopped for most members of this group, as they were starting their own busy lives getting a job and getting married. Yet, in my heart my passion for nature and wildlife is still on fire, that’s why I am really enthusiastic to join  the Selamatkan Yaki team. I hope that, through this programme, I can try my very best to give the nature and all threatened species an everlasting life. That’s all guys! Don’t forget…

Together we will save the yaki! 

Stenly Alelo, SY's social media volunteer

Stenly Alelo, SY’s social media volunteer

My name is Stenly Alelo. I was born in Bitung, North Sulawesi province of Indonesia. When I was a child, I moved to Jakarta, Indonesia’s capital city. After completing my senior high school, I returned to my hometown and continued my study in a college in the town. I graduated from the college with a bachelor’s degree in Economics. I worked for a private bank after I got my first degree. I then decided to change my job and tried my luck in a shipping company. After working in the company for about three years, I got an opportunity to work for the local government of Bitung. This is when I was introduced to the Selamatkan Yaki Programme. I am currently a postgraduate student studying Economics in the University of Indonesia under a scholarship program.

Initially, I read information about Selamatkan Yaki on their website I found out that what they do and I think this is completely noble. I liked their facebook page in order to get updates from their activities. One day, they announced on their facebook page that they were looking for twitter volunteers to post tweets such as on nature conservation, environmental issues, and animals through their twitter account. I volunteered for the position. Shortly, I was accepted and started to post tweets in the Indonesian language aimed for Indonesian followers. The tweets can be seen throughout the week.

I am interested to be part of this team even though I do not have any environmental background. Simply because I am a local who lives in the same country as the yaki, I concern myself with what is happening to this animal, who is sometimes served here as a desirable meal. Being hunted for their meat, yaki’s population is gradually decreasing. I truly hope that by getting involved in the programme, even if it is only a tiny part of the whole programme, I am able to contribute positively to save these macaques. I am really glad to volunteer with Selamatkan Yaki since at the same time I learn many things, in particular about yaki conservation. All the people in the team are very dedicated and they inspire me to be as dedicated as they are.

Last but not least, stop eating yaki! Stop keeping yaki as a pet! The yaki want to live freely just like we do.

Thank you Selamatkan Yaki!

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