Hello dear Followers!

We have now already spent half of the time we have available for our awesome expedition on Bacan island and after a quite exhausting day spent in the field, I have now the time to access internet and to give you a little update on our trip 🙂

Our primate team has already done five days of intense forest surveys and one day spent  organizing the logistic for the last week of the expedition, while our second team has already completed six days of village surveys. Yesterday the whole team have been able to enjoy a well deserved day off on a beautiful little island about twenty minutes away from Bacan!

During this last week, we had the chance to encounter crested black macaques everyday with groups up to 40 individuals. We went through waist deep swamps full of nasty razor sharp vegetation, impenetrable scrubs and beautiful virgin rain forest! We had our share of injuries with pulled muscles, minor dehydration, a few rashes and weird bug bites… But each evening, after the “mandi” (shower in Indonesian), you can see a broad smile on everyone face while we talk about what we experienced during the day and the amazing things that could be waiting for us on the next one.

To give all of us the opportunity to discover both aspects of our expedition, we have a field researcher rotation between the macaque survey team and the village survey team. Our village survey team, led by our education officer, Junita Siwi, and our local contact, Pak Samsul, has already surveyed 3 villages with a 120 questionnaires filled up and two villages presentations. We can already notice differences between North Sulawesi and Bacan inhabitant’s life styles or habits and we feel really welcome here like every where else in Indonesia. The two presentations were really well-attended with about forty villagers at the first one and up to eighty at the second one! It gave us the opportunity to inform local people about the different threats faced by the Yaki in North Sulawesi and on Bacan, why it is important to preserve them and, at the same time, to distribute our education materials.

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We still have a week of work ahead of us to carry out our research on this magnificent island that is Bacan and we will keep you updated as much as possible!

Speak to you soon!

~ Gaetan and the Selamatkan Yaki team ~

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