12 of December 2012 Tree Planting Event !

Hello dear blog followers!

Last week, on the 12/12/12, we had the pleasure to be invited by our Tasikoki friend and partner organization to a great event. This event, taking place in the rescue centre over the afternoon, had for theme: tree planting, reforestation and why it is important to conserve nature.  A lot different organizations were participating: Bitung immigration office, two junior high schools, Bitung police office, a group of young volunteers, Tunas Hijau (an local environmental friendly group), Tasikoki volunteers, Tangkoko Conservation and Education, Professor Willie Smits and Theo Smits and of course two members of your beloved Selamatkan Yaki team!

About 200 trees were planted in a really enthusiastic and cheerful atmosphere. It is really motivating and heartwarming for us to see so many local and international people involved and willing to help out in nature protection with the same spirit and fervor we have. This kind of event is a really good way to introduce and bound people. That gives us a lot of hope for more collaboration between all nature conservation stakeholders in North Sulawesi in the future.

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