Selamat pagi (Good morning) !

Hi everyone!

My name is Gaetan Masson and I have just joined Selamatkan Yaki as Field Project Coordinator.

I would like to briefly present myself as well as my role in this amazing conservation programme.

 I’m French, twenty eight years old and I have been living in South-East Asia for the past year. After volunteering at Wildlife Friends Foundation of Thailand for three months in 2011, I was able to work as volunteer coordinator at Tasikoki wildlife rescue and release center in North Sulawesi until last July. It was during this period that I had the chance to meet Harry who was looking for someone able to join Selamatkan Yaki on a long term basis. Already having some experience and knowledge about threats faced by the Yaki and challenges concerning their conservation, I was offered this exciting position. After a few months spent looking for sponsors (The Amneville Zoo in France and a private one) to help cover some of the project expenses, and sorting out the mountain of paper works, I am officially starting this week (We are the living proof that an Englishman and a Frenchman can work together!)

 As a Field Project Coordinator, my main responsibilities will be to organize the logistic of the different projects, to help with programme and research materials while in the field and many other diverse roles including helping to manage our social network (don’t forget to read my post with a French accent, it’s much more fun).

 I discovered a passion for animals while having a closer contact with them in Thailand and I felt really concerned with all environmental problems after having my “blinkers” taken away during the past year. I feel really lucky to be able to follow one of my dreams and to be now part of the solution and not anymore of the problem.

I would like to thank again all the team for welcoming me with open arms and for helping me through the administration process, as well as my sponsors for allowing me to join the fight in Indonesia!

 Stay tuned if you want to hear more about our December reconnaissance trip to Bacan Island, about our programme and about conservation in general. And don’t forget: it is your everyday actions that will save our planet.


1 thought on “Selamat pagi (Good morning) !

  1. Welcome to Sulawesi!!! I hope you will love this island and fill like at home…as it is for me!!! Semoga kita akan bisa ketemu cepat sama dengan Harry!!!

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